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The Original Art
When I was a kid I was a loner, I couldn't get on with studying at school, but given a pencil and sketch pad I was off to some strange and wonderful place within my mind, then transferring those mind thoughts to my sketch pad, I never got much encouragement from teachers, one teacher would clip me behind my ear, then bark-out "pay attention your never get to far in life with that rubbish, looking back and thinking to myself " I wonder if Picasso's teacher was so inconsiderate" My Parents encouraged me to draw, especially my Father. he was so supportive, looking over my shoulder he would comment "that's amazing" so when I finished I would give him the drawing, he would place it in his desk, after he died some years back I found many of those childish sketches in that same draw. Looking back I've come to realise all children need is encouragement from adults.
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